Long Term Plans

Below are long term plans outlining the content of the curriculum followed each academic year for each subject. Content in some subjects is grouped across a key stage rather than year groups to enable planning for mixed ability groups.


File TypeSizeDate
MFL Long Term Plan pdf155.01 KB10/01/2017
PSHELong Term Plan pdf123.73 KB10/01/2017
Design and Technology Long Term Plan pdf195.19 KB10/01/2017
Science Curriculum Long Term Plan pdf66.18 KB10/01/2017
Maths Long Term Plan pdf88.87 KB10/01/2017
IPC Units Rolling Programme pdf72.77 KB15/09/2016
Geography Long Term Plan pdf56.58 KB10/01/2017
English Long Term Plan pdf19.00 KB23/01/2017
History Long Term Plan pdf12.40 KB23/01/2017
Computing Long Term Plan pdf31.53 KB23/01/2017
Art Long Term Plan pdf8.59 KB23/01/2017