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Covid update from DCC
15 Apr 2021, 15:45
An update from DCC regarding Covid-19.
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The return on the 8th of March
25 Feb 2021, 10:46
Info for parents regarding the return for all pupils on the 8th of March.
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Jan-2021 Update
3 Jan 2021, 17:39
Update for parents on our current situation.
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Symptoms near Christmas
16 Dec 2020, 13:38
Updating school on symptoms near Christmas
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Mental Health & Emotional Support for adults
11 Dec 2020, 09:13
A flyer containing many links to services aimed at helping adults with their Mental & Emotional Health.
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Free School Meals scheme
2 Nov 2020, 11:54
Council launches free school meals scheme for half-term
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