Pupil Premium

"The pupil premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers."

Below are details of how we spent our Pupil Premium funding and also the impact it had.

Overall aim

All of our pupils are important to us whether they are in receipt of Pupil Premium funding or not. Our assessment data over time has consistently shown that irrespective of disability, ethnicity, sex or deprivation, all of our children make at least expected progress because we have very high aspirations and set challenging targets for all.

We want to take advantage of every opportunity to broaden our curriculum, to enrich our approaches, to celebrate our talents, to nurture and set our children on the right pathways for future learning. We want our children to have skills for life, to learn how to learn, to develop their own voice, and to use their own voice. We want them to become confident contributors to society, to be valued, respected and accepted, to be listened to and understood. Therefore we have carefully considered how best to use our Pupil Premium funding to ensure that we create an appropriate learning environment and increase our pupils’ achievement, ensure that our children are healthy, fit and ‘well rounded’ individuals, ensure that the latest technologies are employed to enable our pupils to access the curriculum and express themselves, ensure our pupils have the confidence and necessary skills to engage socially in a range of contexts and ensure that we raise our children’s aspirations and show them the world we live in through residential and out of school experiences.

Likewise we are consciously working with our staff and parents to ensure we have the most skilled workforce through CPD and parental workshops and support.


The school has been allocated Pupil Premium funding according to how many learners have Free School Meals including Ever 6, or the children of service personnel.  The income for 2016-17 up to April is £95000 and an additional £30000 from April to September.  


Total pupils who attract Pupil Premium: 95

7 Pupils who are looked after by the Local Authority have an individual Pupil Premium Plus Plan.

 All pupils at Evergreen have an Education Health and Care Plan or Statement of SEN. Pupils have a wide range of barriers to their learning including moderate, severe and profound and multiple learning difficulties, communication and interaction difficulties, behavioural difficulties and physical difficulties.

 The plan will be reviewed in September 2017


  • Data shows that pupils capable of using ReadWriteInc are making excellent progress in Reading with 86% of pupils in KS 1 meeting their expected end of year targets and 57% of these pupils exceeding their targets. In KS 2 98% met their end of year targets and 88% exceeded them. Those pupils who are not yet ready for this require a different approach to the teaching of reading and writing at the earliest stages of development. Equally, those pupils who have reached higher levels using RWI, but are not yet able to blend, require additional and different approaches to enable them to progress. Therefore we have researched a range of alternative approaches and schemes and will supplement RWI with Magic Spelling, See and Learn and Pop resources
  • Pupils at Evergreen respond exceptionally well to the use of IT and assistive technology, in particular iPads.  Further training is needed to enable staff to provide pupils with the most up to date and appropriate applications to support their communication, reading and writing skills. Pupils at Evergreen have a range of significant motor difficulties which impact on their handwriting skills. Data interrogation and anecdotal evidence support that children do not attain as highly in this area. Therefore we plan to develop the provision of alternative methods for pupils to record their work and share their ideas with others. In order to do this we will need to train staff and purchase more equipment and software.
  • From information gathered from parent/carers and staff at annual reviews and other meetings a high proportion of our pupils have difficulty with their concentration, managing their feelings and emotions and developing confidence. Social skills and developing independence are also areas where pupils need extra support and these areas are important for improving longer term outcomes for our children. We are, therefore, planning to ensure that our children are provided with a range of opportunities and activities designed to promote their mental health and wellbeing, social skills and independence. We will continue to run Listening Matters and Lego Experience and will train staff to be able to deliver the Relax Kids programme.
  • Physical development is an essential area for our pupils because of the impact of their SEND has on their fine and gross motor skills. A high proportion of our pupils require planned opportunities to develop physical skills. After considering the positive impact of introducing OPAL and from discussions with pupils and the OPAL working party we have decided to focus on providing more activities for our children to access to enable them to develop their physical skills via outdoor play. We will therefore purchase more equipment for the play areas to ensure more opportunities for our children to be physically active. Rebound Therapy is a proven method of improving muscle strength and control for pupils with more severe physical needs. We want to increase the number of pupils able to access Rebound therapy and therefore more staff will undergo training to be able to deliver rebound therapy
  • There has been increasing numbers of pupils with ASC over the past year. To enable pupils to communicate and access their learning evidence based approaches need to be used within classrooms including TEACCH, SCERTS, PECS and Intensive interaction. An ongoing training programme for staff will ensure they have the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to implement these approaches in the classroom.
  • It is essential for all pupils to be able to communicate effectively and with the advances in technology we will purchase eye gaze technology and AAC apps for ipads to enable pupils to develop their social communication and choice making skills

Measuring the impact.

  • Impact will be measured using a range of evidence including analysis of data both quantitative and qualitative, observations and learning walks, questionnaires (pupil, staff and parents), at annual review meetings of EHCP’s, through analysis of progress towards targets on IEP’s, reduction of behaviour incidents and feedback from all stakeholders. Impact will be reviewed and monitored in at termly governor meetings.


Key Area for Action

Action to be taken



Proposed Impact of spending

To provide 1:1 and small group intervention to identified pupils who show gaps in their learning (identified through scrutiny of BSquared/CASPA data)



  • Assessment co-ordinator to identify pupils in liaison with class teachers
  • Co-ordinator to liaise with Intervention Tutor to discuss individual and group programmes which would benefit individual or groups of learners
  • Programmes and groups to be organised
  • Room to be identified
  • Individual/group sessions to be carried out by Intervention Tutor
  • Pupil achievement to be recorded using B Squared
  • Impact of intervention to be scrutinised at the end of the year
  • Co-ordinator time to liaise with class teachers
  • Time for LSA to meet with staff to produce programmes of work
  • Full time LSA to carry out intervention programmes and record achievement
  • Time for co-ordinator/class teachers to evaluate the impact of intervention on pupil achievement


Costs of staffing (1 full time LSA): £24,000



Cost of additional intervention room furniture and resources:

Furniture: £350

Resources: £1500


Total: £25850






  • Improved outcomes for individual learners in a variety of areas specific to individual gaps in learning

Introduce Literacy Planet to provide Literacy support across school.

  • Licence for continued use throughout the school
  • Subscription costs

Total Cost:  £800

  • Improved outcomes in literacy


To provide training to additional staff to enhance the use of Read Write Inc and continue to improve phonics teaching across the school



  • Identified staff to attend RWI training





  • RWI Development day
  • Cost of Training
  • Cost of supply cover


Cost of training: £3000

Cost of supply cover: £1600


Total: £5200


  • Improved pupil achievement and progress in reading, writing and spelling (shown through B Squared data/CASPA)
  • All staff fully trained in Read Write Inc

To provide an alternative approach to reading for those pupils who are unable to blend sounds

  • See and learn resources
  • POP reading scheme
  • Magic Spelling
  • Ipads


  • Reading Apps
  • Cost of new resources
  • Cost of reading scheme 
  • 30 ipads
  • 3xcharging unit
  • Cost of Apps








Total £13370

  • Improved pupil achievement and progress.

To continue to provide additional practice in Mathematics, through the use of RM EasiMaths

  • Subscribe to RM (licence fee)
  • RM Easimaths
  • Cost of subscription

Cost of subscription:


RM Easimaths: £850


Total Cost: £1345

  • Improved pupil achievement, positive pupil engagement in practical maths and improved independent learning skills.  

To continue to provide support and enable access to learning across the school using ICT

  • Renew software licence of Espresso and Coding and Busy Things throughout the school
  • ICT and Literacy training
  • Headphones x 80
  • Touchscreens
  • Subscription costs

Espresso subscription £1380

Busy Things subscription






Total cost: £9180

  • All pupils able to use Espresso and Busy Things to continue to have access.
  • Increased access and engagement with the curriculum.

To give pupils a ‘voice’ and enable them to make independent choices.

  • Eye gaze equipment and training
  • Eye gaze screen and software

Total cost:


  • Pupils will be able to make their needs known and communicate.

To introduce Relax Kids for all pupils


  • 1 staff member per class trained
  • Training costs


Total Cost


  • Improved social, emotional and mental health

To provide rebound therapy for a higher number of pupils

  • 6 more staff to be trained
  • Cost of training and supply cover


Total cost


  • Improved physical development.

To provide Listening Matters to identified pupils, enhancing play equipment for use during the sessions

  • Two staff members (trained listeners)  to be timetabled half a day each


  • Cost of  HLTA 2 day per week
  • Cost of new resources

Cost of HLTA:


Cost of resources: £1000

Total cost: £7729

  • Improved social and emotional wellbeing of targeted children

To provide a residential for children in Year 6

  • Subsidised residential
  • Cost of residential for pupils who attract Pupil Premium in Year 6

 Total cost:


  • Raised confidence & self esteem
  • Opportunities to practise social and communication skills in real life situations
  • Increased independence

To enhance provision for lunch time clubs, encouraging purposeful and co-operative play for pupils of all abilities

  • Research and purchase additional resources to enhance clubs


  • Construction, art & craft, iPad apps, turn taking games


Total cost: £1500

  • Increased ability to play co-operatively
  • Improved purposeful behaviour during break & lunch times

To improve the outdoor areas to provide enhanced provision for outdoor learning, specifically for pupils with profound and/or sensory disabilities.

  • Co-ordinator to research and source sensory equipment which could be provided in both playgrounds for learners who cannot access OPAL independently
  • Sensory equipment for use outdoors to provide stimulation for children with sensory needs
  • Wireless speaker
  • Seating and tables






Total cost: £10000

  • Enhanced outdoor experiences for children with sensory difficulties
  • Improved opportunities to enhance physical skills
  • Improves social skills through play

OPAL – Physical equipment

  • Ongoing review of OPAL action plan analysing impact thus far to inform procurement of resources.
  • Audit, source and order equipment.
  • Bikes / Scooters
  • Climbing equipment










 Total cost:


  • Improved social skills through play
  • Improved opportunities to enhance physical skills
  • Enhanced PE/outdoor education curriculum

To provide pupils with additional, enriching opportunities in PSHE / SMSC through the use of Go Givers across school

  • Subscription to Go Givers
  • Cost of subscription

Total Cost: £330

  • Enriched learning in PSHE / SMSC

To provide curriculum enrichment through the provision of “Wow!” days in every curriculum topic, to which parents will be invited

  • “Wow”! days to be identified and discussed with all staff
  • AHT to organise
  • Cost of resources


Total cost: £5000

  • Enriched curriculum
  • Embed British Values

To provide pupils with an appropriate learning environment using evidence based approaches.

  • Training for staff Resources and equipment to implement approaches and interventions
  • Cost of training– PECS x 5, SCERTS x 4, TEACCH x 4
  • Intensive Interaction x2
  • Supply Costs









Total cost


  • Increased access to the curriculum and learning.

To subsidise the fuel costs to the Alan Shearer Centre and Pink Gym for children with ASC. 

  • Classes identified by ASC Coordinator and half termly rota implemented
  • 1 x Pink Gym session per week
  • 1 x Alan Shearer Centre session per week
  • Fuel costs







Total cost:


  • Enriched curriculum
  • Improved opportunities to enhance physical, sensory and communication skills for children with ASC


To provide additional Science activities for identified higher attaining children in Upper Key Stage 2 initially.    

  • Children identified by class staff
  • Lunch time club session
  • External provider and 1 member of Evergreen staff
  • 6 pupils per session
  • 10 week blocks
  • Cost of hiring external provider at £10 per child per session

£100 per child per 10 week block

 3 x 10 week blocks

6 pupils per session

Total cost:


  • Enriched curriculum
  • Promotes subject specific talents
  • Raised self esteem
  • Creates opportunities to fulfil child led aspirations




Total planned expenditure:


Carry forward




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