Sports Premium 2018-2019

Funding Plan 2018-2019

Income Action Spend Impact Monitoring & Outcomes


Sedgefield SSP Enhanced service level agreement.


(rise from 4175 from last year)

  • CPD for Teachers TA’s and HCEA everyone given opportunity to attend at least one CPD PE day.
  • Teachers attended CPD PE courses this academic year.
  • Access to specialist coaching support throughout the year in PE lessons.
  • Specialist coaching included Judo festival, OAA weekly sessions x 12, Tag rugby sessions x 12, Table cricket x 6,
    Fit for life day,
    Basketball sessions x 6, Team up staff

  • Dinner time clubs for upper KS2 have begun and very successful.
  • 3 terms of lunch time clubs completed with yellow 3,4,5 classes accessing it 37 pupils accessing clubs

  • Various sports taster days. Children have access to competitions and festivals throughout the year.
  • Evergreen attended 22 events throughout the year.
  • Inclusion with peer groups from other schools.
  • Multi skills festivals attended by red 5, yellow 1, orange 2 and yellow 5 included mixed teams with pupils from other schools
  • KH/JJ – Monitor pupil progress. Teacher feedback.
  • Regular feedback from coach and teachers. Pupil progress. KH feedback to SLT.
  • Children have access to a wide range of sporting clubs with professional sports coaches.
  • Children have experience a wider variety of sports such as boccia, new age kurling, goal ball, badminton.
  • KH – Monitor pupils’ activity levels regarding participating in competitions and festivals. Pupil feedback –Staff feedback regarding potential G&T pupils.
  • PE Health Check completed annually to help us to continue to improve
  • Teachers gain knowledge to continue high quality level of PE teaching
  • Skills gained to be disseminated around school staff
  • Pupils will have improved PE skills, teachers will have experience in more inter-school competitive situations and more ideas to bring to enhancing their PE lessons.
  • 17% increase of pupils taking part in interschool competitions based on class questionnaires.


South Durham gymnastics provision for Autism department


(rise from £1240 last year)

  • Each class in the Autism provision rotate to access the gymnastic centre.
  • Each class went at least 4 times within the year period.
  • Children will develop their gross physical skills.
  • Pupils’ sensory processing/ emotional regulation will be supported.
  • Staff feedback supporting this
  • KH to monitor pupils progress from accessing this facility through evidence app
  • SCERTs targets met
  • EHCP targets met.
  • Staff to shadow gymnastics coach to pick up teaching points to work with children on during school sessions
  • Pupils gross motor skills will improve and enable them to engage in the curriculum and make progress.


Riding centre

£500 committed (charged £1779)

  • Children to access a wider range of sport – horse riding – rotation on a monthly basis 
  • 4 classes accessed horseriding
  • All children from year 4 to be given opportunity to experience horse riding, getting know horse and how riding is a sport.
  • Interaction with animals is improved
  • Pupils will develop care and empathy skills to help them engage in other areas of school.
  • Pupils will benefit from animal therapy whilst on activity which will help them with their self-regulation in school


Relax Kids


  • Children in the whole school have access to Relax Kids sessions in their own class with a fully qualified and experience teacher. Rotational. Every class will get between 6-8 sessions per year.
  • Relax kids sessions were implemented until Easter 2019.
  • All classes had relax kids sessions and staff were trained up to continue this
  • All children will improve their confidence, self-worth and kindness to others.
  • Interaction with other pupils and staff is improved.
  • Development of understanding for others feeling and own and others emotions.
  • Development of setting personal challenges and feeling special.




  • Children have access to a new exciting sport which they had never tried before.
  • 18 classes accessed surfing experience (137 pupils)
  • Increased confidence and water awareness
  • improved gross motor skills and balance
  • Safety in water skills
  • Benefitting from physical therapy whilst taking part in activity which will in turn help their self-confidence and self-regulation in school


Robert Proud fitness coach hula hoop



  • Hula hoop sessions for Key Stage 2 pupils
  • Yellow classes accessed this fortnightly for 2 terms
  • Fun and exciting sessions for pupils as a reward for year 6 pupils
  • Also improves gross motor skills, balance and coordination
  • Children will focus better in class after having a physical boost of movement
  • Children will be regulated


Sports week and dance festival (WOW days)


  • Whole school take part in full week of sports including colour run, obstacle course race, field events, track events, relay, inclusive opportunities and competitions
  • Sports week completed successfully
  • All classes accessed this whole school impact -positive reinforcement of sport
  • All children receive a medal for taking part.
  • Prizes and trophies for over 25 awards.
  • All children work in an inter-school competition.
  • Children's self-worth and confidence will transfer into weekly PE lessons, improved healthy mind and healthy body.
  • Improved interaction with parents, pupil and staff.


Equipment for PE lessons


  • New equipment to replace the worn and condemned equipment
  • Lost or damaged equipment that is still safe given to OPAL
  • 2 new mats purchased Bench and fixings
  • All children can use equipment safely
  • All children have access to adapted equipment to suit their needs
  • Children will develop their physical skill such as balance coordination speed.
  • Staff will be able to create fully inclusive sessions and high quality PE lessons