Sports Premium 2016-2017

Funding Plan 2016-2017

The income for Sports premium Funding for 2016-2017 is £8400


Income Action Spend Impact

Monitoring & Outcomes



Sedgefield SSP Enhanced service level agreement.


  • CPD for Teachers.
  • Access to specialist coaching support throughout the year in PE lessons.
  • Dinner time clubs.
  • Various sports taster days t Children have access to competitions and festivals throughout the year.
  • KH/JJ – Monitor pupil progress. Teacher feedback.
  • Regular feedback from coach and teachers. Pupil progress. KH feedback to SLT.
  • Children have access to a wide range of sporting clubs with professional sports coaches.
  • Children have experience a wider variety of sports.
  • KH – Monitor pupils’ activity levels regarding participating in competitions and festivals. Pupil feedback –Staff feedback regarding potential G&T pupils.
  • PE Health Check
  • Teachers gain knowledge to continue high quality level of PE teaching
  • Skills gained to be disseminated around school staff
  • Pupils will have improved PE skills, teachers will have experience in more inter-school competitive situations and more ideas to bring to enhancing their PE lessons.




Hydrotherapy training

PE for Pupils with Autism,

Dance and Creativity

Elements training


  • Teachers/TA trained in Rebound Therapy.
  • Pupils with ASC accessing relevant/personalisePE programmes
  • KH to monitor courses and feedback
  • Every member of teaching staff attended at least 1 course in PE. KH attends subject leader’s course in PE over 3 days.
  • More children accessing personalised PE and a wider range of activities.
  • Greater knowledge of new PE curriculum.
  • Enhanced resources and ideas for teachers to use during their PE lessons.
  • Staff to disseminate new concepts to other staff who are working with them (must always have trained staff leading session).
  • Teachers will have increased knowledge, skills and understanding to ensure pupils are accessing relevant PE




  • Children to access festivals and competitions.
  • All children from year 1 to year 6 experienced participating in a festival/competition away from school.
  • Knowledge gained from taking pupils to these events will help improve the schools intra school competitions.


Use of the Pink Gym - Spennymoor


  • Children will develop their gross physical skills
  • KH monitor access to Pink Gym and skills acquired.
  • Pupils gross motor skills will improve and enable them to progress.