Sports Premium 2015-2016

2015 - 2016


With a new PE co-ordinator in position since September 2015, all monitoring previously completed by David Waters will now be completed by Kay Harrop. Main focus will be to ensure that the impact of the sports premium is effective and sustainable.

Financial updates and impact reports will be available here throughout the academic year 2015/16.

If you would like further information about the Sports Premium Grant please contact us by telephone (01388 459721) or by email using the Contact link on the Home page.


IncomeActionSpendImpactMonitoring & OutcomesSustainability
£8,400Sedgefield SSP Enhanced service level agreement.£4,000
  • CPD for Teachers.
  • Access to specialist coaching support throughout the year in PE lessons.
  • Dinner time clubs.
  • Various sports taster days throughout year.
  • KH/JJ – Monitor pupil progress. Teacher feedback.
  • Regular feedback from coach and teachers. Pupil progress. KH feedback to SLT.
  • Children have access to a wide range of sporting clubs with professional sports coaches.
  • Children have experience a wider variety of sports.
  • 60 hours of High Quality Coaching provided. Pupils across school took part in coaching in multi skills, athletics, cricket, dance, basketball and fundamental movement skills.
  • Teachers gain knowledge to continue high quality level of PE teaching
  • Skills gained to be disseminated around school staff
£4,400Sedgefield SSP Service level agreement.£750
  • Children have access to competitions and festivals throughout the year.
  • KH – Monitor pupils’ activity levels regarding participating in competitions and festivals.
  • Pupils from KS 2 competed in a range of competitions and festivals including Boccia, cross-country and athletics. They worked on improving their skills prior to the meetings. Feedback from pupils was very positive, they were very proud of their own achievements and gained in confidence.
  • Pupil feedback - pupils’ feedback has been very positive they said they enjoyed going to the festivals and joining in with pupils from other schools. They were keen to share their achievements when they returned to school.
  • Staff feedback regarding potential G&T pupils. Pupils who showed particular strengths in specific disciplines have been highlighted by staff and will be working with a TA to develop their skills further.
  • Pupils will have improved PE skills, teachers will have experience in more inter-school competitive situations and more ideas to bring to enhancing their PE lessons.
£3,650Rebound Training£1,225
  • 5 additional Teachers/TA trained in Rebound Therapy.
  • KH to monitor sessions.
  • More children now have access to rebound therapy during the week.
    Pupils in four classes accessed rebound therapy and worked on developing strength of limbs, co-ordination, balance, muscle tone and reaction speed. As well as the physical benefits rebound therapy also had a positive impact on their independence, self-confidence, communication and interaction, sense of achievement and number skills as well as being lots of fun.
  • 50% more pupils will have access to rebound therapy.
  • Staff to disseminate new concepts to other staff who are working with them (must always have trained staff leading session).
  • Children to access festivals and competitions.
  • All children from year 1 to year 6 experienced participating in a festival/competition away from school.
  • Our children experienced competition against other schools and had the chance to mix with other children.
  • Knowledge gained from taking pupils to these events will help improve the schools intra school competitions.
£1,450Supply Cover£1,000
  • Teachers gain greater knowledge due to CPD courses in PE.
  • Every member of teaching staff attended at least 1 course in PE. 30 hours of PE teaching support provided. Other courses attended – Elements training, change for life, EYFS PE, Engage in active outdoor learning, hydro training, autism and sport, relax kids.
  • KH attends subject leader’s course in PE over 3 days.
  • Greater knowledge of new PE curriculum.
  • Enhanced resources and ideas for teachers to use during their PE lessons.
  • KH to monitor CPD for PE.
  • Knowledge gained by staff is permanent and will be used to enhance PE lesson for years to come.
  • SAQ resources to be purchased
  • Classes will have full access to new equipment. Resources sourced and to be ordered by KH.
  • Lesson will be enhanced for approx. 5+ years - for the duration of the resources being in working condition.