“Through the Keyhole” to “Wonderland”

24 May - 2017
By: webmaster

Our “Stunning Start” this term for our whole school topic “Through the Keyhole” was a magical journey into Evergreen’s very own “Wonderland”. All classes have been listening to a range of versions of the traditional tale “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll over the past few weeks.

Classes all worked together to make props to transform our outdoor area into a truly, magical place just like the story. Parents received a special invitation to our “Mad Hatter’s Tea party” so that they could join us in the fun. (put invite here)

The day began with staff setting up their props in the sensory garden and on the field, it was wonderful to see it all taking shape. All pupils and staff were all to remain inside after 9:30am to avoid spoiling the “surprise” that was planned for later that morning.

Parents arrived for refreshments and then joined their children for a magical journey through our very own “Wonderland”. On entering our wonderland garden, children and adults were entertained with beautifully made structures such as giant toadstools, teacups, flowers and balloons. As they finished their journey around wonderland children and parents were surprised to find a “real” Alice had fallen asleep under our blossom tree in our garden...

Alice was in our school garden! All of a sudden, Alice woke up and she told us all the tale of how she’d found herself there and sent us looking for the “White Rabbit!” Through the garden we followed some rabbit paw prints which led to the hobbit hut.

You’d never believe it, but there was the White Rabbit, asleep inside our hut! Out he came and told us all about how he was “Late, for a very important date!” We helped him find some lost cards and he sent us off to find the Queen to give her a special gift!

Well, would you believe it? The “Queen of Hearts” was sitting on our story chair! We of course had to bow and curtsey as it was the Queen and the White Rabbit told us we must otherwise she’d be “Off with our heads!” We presented her with her gift which was a red rose, her favourite colour and she showed us how to play an unusual game of croquet, with a flamingo and a hedgehog! We had to leave quickly as the Queen realised we were children and not “cards” and we all wanted to keep our heads so we hurried along the way……..

We thought the gazebo would be a good place to hide, but when we got there we found a peculiar character playing on the piano! It was the “Mad Hatter!” He entertained us all with some rather strange songs and then we helped to make an imaginary cake for our tea party! We had to tell the Mad Hatter that it was ‘his’ tea party that we were going to as he didn’t seem to know! It was all very “peculiar” and we became “curiouser and curiouser”.

Finally, we all met together on the field for our “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” children, adults and the characters. It was such a lovely day!

Thank you to all the parents and visitors who came along to join us in this adventure. We received some fantastic feedback. The children and staff have all been talking about how much fun they had!

Some quotes from the parents’ evaluation slips:

“All of it was amazing from start to finish”, “Zach remembered parts of the story”, “It’s not just learning about things that’s important, it’s being involved which makes it fun and easier to understand”, “The actors brought the story to life in a great way, and all children were engaged”.

It has had a positive impact on my child’s learning by “learning about stories, processes and carrying them into the real world”.

“Brilliant, well organised and enjoyed!”

“We enjoyed everything, what an awesome day”. “Brings learning to life” “We enjoyed it just as much as the children”

“The different actors were excellent and enjoyed by the children. The tea party was a great way to finish the day”.

“I thought it was wonderful, so much hard work!”

“He loves them and learns lots!”

“A well organised ‘tea party’, amazing for the children”. “I enjoyed the interaction with the children and the display of all the props”.

“All morning I didn’t see one distressed child, they all enjoyed the show”.

“I honestly think you couldn’t do a better job. It was amazing!”

“The evidence of all the hardwork in decorating the walkways. The hard work was evident. Nothing was half-hearted”

“My daughter was looking at the displays and at the mad hatter section was watching the actor wide eyed”.

“Please pass on my compliments to all the staff. Everyone was so welcoming and as I said the hard work was evident! Well done everyone!”

“Max is forever looking for Wonderland!”

“Best day I’ve had, cheered me up massively!”

“All the wow days have been excellent, can’t wait until the next one!”

“Loved the encouragement to involve the children”.

“I was visiting the school with my friend and was so impressed with the school and the staff.”

“The organisation of the fair was fantastic, seeing the children’s faces, the excitement.”