OPAL Platinum Award!

14 Sep - 2017
By: webmaster


Evergreen Primary School has achieved a Platinum Award for Outdoor Play and Learning with a score of 95%. We are proud to say that we are the first special school in the country to gain this award as well as being in the top category for play provision. We are extremely proud of all the children, staff and govenors for all their hard work in ensuring our children have an outstanding opportunites for play and
learning in the outdoors.

We are committed to ensuring that quality play opportunities are available to all our children and believe that play is essential for physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual development.

In our school play is defined as a freely chosen activity which a child finds satisfying and creative. It may or may not involve equipment or other people. It may be serious or light hearted. It may produce something or it may simply be done simply for its own sake.

Play allows children to be creative, make decisions and manage risk. It provides many opportunities for them to develop their physical, social and communication skills and is invaluable to their emotional well-being.