Corona Virus

17 Mar - 2020
By: webmaster

Dear Parents/Carers

Special schools have received updated guidance from the Director of Education relating to keeping our most vulnerable learners at home.


The guidance is:

  • Children and young people with significant health issues should be risk assessed on an individual basis, according to their medical needs.
  • Where the risk assessment identifies that the child is vulnerable to the virus, contact should be made with parents / carers to keep them at home.
  • Where parents / carers keep their children at home, based on their own decision due to health reasons, special schools should accept this decision until we have clearer government guidance.
  • Carry out a dynamic risk assessment daily to ensure you can open safely whilst protecting children and supporting staff.

Obviously there are a lot of young people at Evergreen who have significant health and medical needs.  School staff will consider this tomorrow and contact parents/carers who have children in this category to suggest that they stay at home after the weekend, or sooner if parents prefer.

Evergreen will remain open to pupils as long as we are able to provide enough appropriate staffing.  We will keep you up to date with any further information we receive.

Parents/carers may choose to keep their children at home and this decision will be accepted until we receive any further guidance.

Yours sincerely

Judith Benson

Head of School

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