Maths at Evergreen

Picture1.jpgMaths as part of our everyday lives is so familiar that we can forget how often it is used (telling the time, finding a channel on the television, catching a bus, knowing the cost of something). Knowing and understanding maths, and particularly number, is an essential part of society and therefore forms an important part of our curriculum at Evergreen.

In school we provide opportunities for learners to develop mathematics skills that will be relevant and useful to them in their everyday lives and which will match their aspirations and needs and prepare them for adulthood. Picture2.png

Maths is taught though a daily session in Key Stage One and Two with focussed maths activities planned into the EYFS curriculum. The EYFS also have specific maths areas within the learning environment both indoors or outdoors to allow the children to actively learn and begin to think critically in a mathematical way through their own explorations.

 While many areas of maths need to be taught discretely, there is an emphasis on giving the maths a context so there is a purpose for learning. Problem solving and reasoning is an integral part of our curriculum allowing our children to develop decision making, independence, resilience and increase their self-esteem.

Picture3.jpgTo become competent problem solvers the children are supported to identify and work through problems that are familiar to them and then encouraged to generalise the use of this skill. Using the school environment and the wider world, our curriculum ensures children explore, make connections, seek patterns, recognise relationships and are creative with mathematics. 









Roots Curriculum Pathway

For our children following the Roots Pathway maths is taught through providing sensory enriching experiences and explorations to increase responses and awareness to enable pupils to acquire and apply early mathematical concepts.


Foundations Curriculum Pathway

For the children following the Foundations for the National Curriculum we have designed a curriculum which allows the children to gain early number sense, core mathematical facts and understand basic concepts to allow them to develop functional mathematical skills to succeed in school and be increasingly independent.


Moving On Curriculum Pathway

For the children following the Moving On pathway we have a scheme of work to allow the children to systematically understand core mathematical facts, methods and strategies. Concepts are taught in a ‘blocks’ where the pupils work through the ‘small steps’ of the curriculum at a pace that is appropriate for them. This allows them to consolidate their knowledge, gain a deeper understanding and make connections between concepts which allows them to move forward in their learning.