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Leading Good Autism Practise

EDC in Spennymoor

5th December 2019

Extra Info:

Time: 9:00 -15:30

This training is designed for staff who have a leadership role that includes responsibility for developing provision for pupils on the autism spectrum within a school setting.


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contact Nicola Parks Nicola.Parks@durham.gov.uk


What does the Autism Education Trust do?

The purpose of the Autism Education Trust (A.E.T.) is to improve the education of children and young people with autism.

To Achieve this, the A.E.T.:

  • Develops and delivers training and a range of materials for early years, school and post 16 educational settings.
  • Develops and disseminates information on educational practice.
  • Provides an interface between users, practitioners and policy makers in respect of educational practice.
  • Actively engages with young people, parents/carers and practitioners to inform its work.
  • Undertakes research into effective practice.

School A.E.T. Training

Making Sense of Autism(Tier 1) Good Autism Practice (Tier 2) Extending good Autism Practice (Tier 2) Complex needs and Participation (Tier 2) Leading Good Autism Practice (Tier 3)

Basic autism awareness training for all staff within any educational setting (including office staff, governors, caretakers, drivers and escorts).

Practical knowledge, hands – on tools and techniques for all staff working directly with pupils on the autism spectrum (including teaching assistants, lunch time staff and teachers).

Deepens delegates’ understanding including theories of autism.

Advancing skills in developing and applying strategies to facilitate progress and achievement, for teachers, teaching assistants and SENDCO’s.

Focused training for staff in a specialist provision to support pupils with complex needs and aid participation.

(Including development of their personal or EHC plan).

For staff who may train or lead other staff in their setting, focusing on the development of a good autism provision.

Course duration:
90 minutes

Course cost: £35

Course duration:
Whole day

Course cost: £105

Course duration:
Half a day

Course cost: POA

Course duration:
Whole day

Course cost: £105

Course duration:
Whole day

Course cost: £105


More Information:

If you require any further information, please contact our School Autism Lead: Claire Onions - conions@evergreenprimary.co.uk


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